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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

North Beach Plantation and Cinzia Spa Announce Grand Opening

Official Press Release:

April 21, 2009 – North Beach Plantation and its crown jewel, Cinzia – The Spa at North Beach Plantation will celebrate their grand opening this Saturday, April 25, 10am – 2pm. The public is invited to tour the 60-acre oceanfront property and world-class Spa and Wellness Center.

North Beach Plantation is a 60-acre development stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to Highway 17 in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Combining old south charm with modern conveniences, the self-contained luxury residential resort, when complete, will boast 750 oceanfront condominiums, single-family homes and townhomes, as well as a world-class spa, upscale boutique shopping and gourmet dining. Closings for the North Beach Towers are underway with additional closings scheduled over the next several months. In addition, single-family homes in the Margaret neighborhood are now available for purchase.

To help drive the success of the development is Cinzia – the Spa at North Beach Plantation. This newly constructed 17,000 square foot spa and wellness center is the first of its kind in the area, and is poised to compete with some of the best spas in the eastern United States.

The new facility will house three components that make up the all-encompassing destination for optimal health, fitness and well being: the Spa - with pampering treatments and rituals performed at the most indulgent levels; Celestial Skin Dermatology and Wellness by Dr. Seymour Weaver, MD - a dermatology, esthetic, and offering a variety of integrative medical and holistic services; and Beach Fit Fitness Center - featuring state-of-the-art Techno gym™ equipment, teams of trainers and contemporary classes.

Long known for its expansive beaches and countless golf courses, the Grand Strand can now add to its list of key attractions a world-class, destination lifestyle spa and wellness center that is already attracting attention in its industry.

“Our collection of offerings is so unique and progressive, that while recently promoting the Spa at a Spa Magazine Media Event, we received tremendous praise from some of the top-rated spas in the United States and Caribbean,” said Sam Scalise, president and CEO of Scalise Group, the developer of the lifestyle community.

With luxury lodging available on site, a vast array of Spa and Wellness services including medical-grade procedures, specially formulated nutritious spa cuisine and a state-of-the-art fitness center, the Cinzia the Spa at North Beach Plantation was designed to accommodate the extended-stay spa guest looking for a healthy and healing experience.

“The menu of services has something for everyone, from basic to clinical to holistic, and even includes teen treatments,” Tammy Pahel, Managing Director of Cinzia - the Spa at North Beach Plantation and president of the consulting firm Spa Management Solutions explained. “And while we actively cater to the local community, particularly with a multitude of rewarding and affordable membership packages, Cinzia will draw serious spa goers from outside the area as well. Many of those people will be new visitors to the Grand Strand who will stay a weekend, a week or even a month at North Beach Plantation. Once they’re exposed to all we have to offer, I imagine we’ll see several spa guests purchasing ancillary homes on the property.”

The scale of the entire project, its lavish amenities and Scalise Group’s reputation for quality and attention to detail attracted a team of highly skilled professional providers and wellness visionaries from all over the country who are now actively involved in the spa. (Pahel herself relocated from Miami to develop and launch Cinzia the Spa at North Beach Plantation.) Most notably is Seymour Weaver, III, M.D., a respected pioneer cosmetic dermatologist and surgeon from Houston who will head up the wellness component within the spa called Celestial Skin Dermatology and Wellness by Dr. Weaver.

“Collectively, the wellness team bridges ancient traditions and innovative practices to help patients achieve healthy skin, a healthy shape and a healthy state-of-mind,” said Dr. Weaver.

The wellness center offers corrective and rejuvenating skin treatments, cosmetic enhancements and medical-grade facials, body shaping techniques, cosmetic dermatology and laser procedures, and a whole host of life enhancement treatments that range from life coaching to hypnotherapy to acupuncture and chiropractic care – even a sleep specialist.

Among the more progressive treatments offered at Cinzia the Spa at North Beach Plantation is a sound therapy for chakra balancing known as Satori. Though elements of it are ancient, it has recently been modernized by physicians and scientists as a non-pharmaceutical method to treat Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, particularly in soldiers returning from combat. Using a proprietary vibracousticradle called the Ascension; individuals experience a very profound and pleasurable sense of relaxation. This technology actually guides brainwave states to levels of deep meditation with out any training or practice.

“Satori therapy is deeply meditative and its benefits are immense in achieving an overall clarity that aids people in their daily life and helps them achieve goals,” Pahel said. “We’re the first spa in the U.S. to launch structured Satori therapy programs for smoking cessation and weight loss on our wellness menu.”

A tranquil environment and elevated level of service can be expected at Cinzia - the Spa at North Beach Plantation according to Pahel. “Our staff has been recruited from all over the country and is highly trained. Upon entering the front doors of the spa, you will be transported to a magical world of pure bliss, escorted on your unique journey by nurturing hands and supported by thoughts of serenity.”

Carefully crafted offerings at the spa include three-hour authentic International Rituals that embrace cultures such as Italian, Thai and Fijian and can be experienced by couples or enjoyed privately in our International Ritual Suite or enjoy any of our 13 uniquely designed suites that make up the Spa. Like the Rituals, the traditional yet distinctive massage, skin care and grooming offerings are conducted by highly trained provider’s intent on imparting an unmatched level of service and personalized attention.

Created specifically for Cinzia - the Spa at North Beach Plantation, the signature spa product line “Myrtle” was inspired by the curative and euphoric elements of Myrtle oil as used by ancient Romans and English royalty. The Myrtle product line will be offered in rooms throughout the resort and incorporated in the spa’s signature treatment, the Myrtle Ritual.

Guests and members of Cinzia can enjoy the use of several complimentary amenities before, during or after scheduled spa treatments or a workout. The Spa Garden Sanctuary with an eight-person whirlpool is surrounded by tropical foliage and is also available for small private parties. The Turkish Hammam is intended to improve blood circulation and eliminate toxins with hot steamy eucalyptus air. The indoor/outdoor meditation lounge provides guests the use of wAv digital listening devices for a 20 minute vibro-acoustic guided meditation that optimizes the serenity of the area.

Services and offerings extend beyond the walls of the spa to guests and owners at North Beach Plantation who can indulge in a private pool-side cabana massage or in-room treatment that utilizes the services of a “Bath Butler” who prepares a rose petal water experience.

Continuing to apply the “latest and greatest” concept to the fitness center component of Cinzia the Spa at North Beach Plantation, Beach Fit utilizes the world leader and official Olympic fitness equipment supplier Technogym ™ for cardio and strength-building equipment. A team of talented personal trainers and instructors who offer daily group and personal exercise instruction in conjunction with a Pilates and yoga studio and outdoor exercise/mediation platform help to create a distinctive experience at Beach Fit. If a solitary training experience is preferred, the latest technology in virtual training is available with Technogym™ equipment using its Wellness System Key (WSK). WSK is a wireless device that keeps track of users’ exercise progress and when inserted in Technogym™ machinery, automatically sets equipment at the appropriate levels to reach fitness goals.

A variety of spa, fitness, yoga and Pilate’s membership packages are available to the public and can include educational seminars, social events and discounted products and services.

Scalise Group is the managing entity of subsidiaries Scalise Development, Scalise builders and Scalise Realty. The company has excelled in resort residential real estate for more than 20 years with 600 homes built in four states, mounting ventures in real estate sales and rentals, as well as real estate holdings and operating entities. Scalise Group aims to take the greater Myrtle Beach area to new heights in luxury accommodations and amenities with North Beach Plantation where oceanfront condominiums in North Beach Towers and single-family homes in the Margaret neighborhood are now available for purchase.

North Beach Plantation Resort
719 North Beach Plantation Blvd
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

Contact Information:
Tammy Pahel

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Marketing: A Week In Review

Okay, so I get so many newsetters, rss content, news alerts, emails...AH...that I find it difficult to read and respond to each important topic. I can't even keep up with tweets and they're less than 120 characters.

Anyway, From now on, once a week (Hey, Tuesdays are good) I'm going to lay out some links to the most interesting and pertinent articles I've come across in the last couple of days.

Heres this week's marketing and interactive marketing article review in no particular order:

Top Technology Trends for 2009:

"With 2009 in full swing, PhoCusWright takes a fresh look at the technologies and innovations that have the potential to drive change in the travel, tourism and hospitality." Courtesey of HotelMarketing.com.

7 Tips for the Perfect Twitter Profile:

"Having a succinct, compelling profile is more critical on Twitter than anywhere else." Written by Jason Baer.

How social media can resurrect your brand:

"...It's a time when a $3 billion annual advertising budget can't move the needle on brand favorability. There are currently more than 200 million Facebook users, with 1 million domestic users joining every week. Even Twitter, what I consider an emerging tool with an early adopter user base, is approaching 10 million users and ascending like a rocket..." Written by Doug Schumacher.

Marketing and the Twitter Hive Mind:

"The first reaction many people have to Twitter is befuddlement. Why would they want to read short messages about what someone ate for breakfast?" Courtesy of The New York Times.

Building your Brand by creating an online community:

"What are the most important goals when building your brand online? No matter the product, service or industry, those goals likely include..." Courtesy of ChiefMarketer.com. Written by Ryan Buchanan.

7 Mistakes to avoid on Twitter:

"How can and should your brand use Twitter? And more importantly, what are the most common mistakes and pitfalls on Twitter that could have a negative impact on your business or brand?" Courtesy of iMediaConnection.com. Written by Rodney Rumford.

FireFox set for new Redesign to Reflect Web Habits:

"Web browser Firefox is considering a complete redesign of the way the browser looks and feels, writes ReadWriteWeb." Courtesy of MarketingVox.com.

Top 10 Search Rankings for 2009:

"An estimated 6.1 billion searches were conducted in the US at Google Search in March 2009, giving the internet behemoth a 64.2% share of search queries for the month, and representing year-over-year (YoY) growth of 27.6%, according to data from Nielsen Online." Courtesy of MarketingCharts.com.

Online Consumer Reviews have Big Influence:

"Some 84% of Americans reported that online customer evaluations have an influence on their decision to purchase a product or service, but only 28% said they have posted their own feedback, according to the latest survey from market research firm Opinion Research Corp., an InfoGroup company." Courtesy of PromoMagazine.com.

10 Most Ingenious Travel Offers:

"In the year of the ‘staycation’, the travel industry is having to come up with imaginative ways to get your booking. The Times Online lists some of the best ones." Courtesy of TimesOnline.

Online Ads Not So Bulletproof:

"It’s become almost a truism that marketers are running to measurable media in this tough economy, to ensure that their ad spending is working to full potential. And most observers say that means a strong shift in favor of online channels." Courtesy of Big Fat Marketing Blog.

Why the Term "Social Media" Sucks:

"As I speak with companies that want to engage with their customers in the online social world, I continually find people confused as soon as they begin talking about "social media." The reason is the baggage that comes along with the word "media." Courtesy of Adage.com. Written by Josh Bernoff.

6 Ways to Simplify your Social Media Updates:

"For many marketers, the explosive growth of social networking isn't raising questions about whether to engage audiences on these platforms but, rather, how to manage multiple network accounts in an effort to reach a larger, more-targeted audience while generating sustainable results." Written by Todd Tweedy.

Recession Hits Google, Effect Revenue:

"The recession has hit Google, handing the company its first quarter-over-quarter decline in ad revenue, as marketers cut their search-advertising budgets after the holiday season. But while its first-quarter revenue of $5.51 billion was down 3% compared with the fourth quarter, it was up 6% year over year." Courtesy of Advertising Age.

YouTube Makes Changes to battle Hulu

The new Contenders for Ad Dominance

Marketers Target the Over 50+ Set

Americans Blame Ad Agencies for Economic Crisis

Top 12 Brands In Jeopardy: Old Navy, Chrysler, Palm...

Oracle Acquires Sun Microsystems for $7.4 Billion

Word of Mouth, a key component of the Marketing Mix

Redesign your Website to Increase Conversions

Phew! Let me know what you find helpful, what you don't, and what you'd like to see more of.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cool Website of the Day

Before I jump into it, I guess I should acknowledge the fact that many of these websites I'm labeling as COOL are not NEW. COOL often implies NEW, but I'm not implying that. No, there's way too much NEW stuff online that I feel it has to shutter its newness before it becomes COOL. COOL means useful, functional, relevant NOT hip, fad, or well...cool. Like me. If you want cool, go ask a college kid or a graphic designer. (No offense). After all, since this is a marketing blog, it's important to recognize that a website (or any tool or medium) has to be around long enough to become part of your target audience's behavior (at least a significant minority of them. After all, only 5% of the US population uses Twitter and I guarantee they're not your target audience...yeah you.)

Today's cool website of the day is Ning.com. Their Synopsis: "Ning lets you create new social networks for the most important people and interests in your life." Translation: Ning allows you to create social networks for the most important people and interests in your life.

Really, it's true. Ning is for power hobbists, topic geniuses, fanboys (and girls), political junkies, and any other type of person who knows (or thinks they know) a lot about a certain topic. If you don't, I'd steer clear, just as a matter of preference. If you only know a little about a lot of things (like you're own personal interests and the drinking habits of your friends) then stick to Facebook.

I'd like to think of Ning as Wikipedia's think tank before the information gets scraped, edited, and neutered. For those of you who are wondering, I don't have a Ning set up yet on any topic, because I just don't have time. But for those marketers or businesses who are trying to tap into the power of social networking (not media, I won't use that term any more) than Ning is a great source for inbound links, traffic, and search engine penetration (all SEO stuff).

Google flirts with Twitter

Brought to you by DMNews:

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said pursuing a deal with the likes of Twitter would be something that the search giant would be "very happy to pursue."

“Without commenting specifically about Twitter ... you could imagine that ... it could be a channel for product information, marketing information, real-time information for which you can hang advertising products, whether it's a text ad or a video ad or so forth,” he said during Thursday's earnings call. “... It strikes me that's a logical strategy for them to pursue and something that we would be very happy to pursue with them and all other players in that space.”

Read the full article HERE. Courtesy of DMNews. Written by Mary Elizabeth Hurn.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Plunges, Plummets & Slides: First Quarter, 2009

I'm passing these along on a Friday because no matter how bad the news is, you should never be depressed on a Friday.

- Gannett, Media General (Newspaper Mogul) Revenue down 18%
- Magazine Ad pages plummet 26%
- Ad revenue likely to plummet 30% for some newspapers in Q1 2009
- NBCU profits plunge 45% in Q1
- Global ad spending down 6.7%
- Radio Deals fall below $1 billion for first time since 2001
- Emmis Domestic Radio slides 20.7%

[stat courtsey of MediaBuyerPlanner]

So, Magazine, Radio, Television, Newspaper - all slumping.

Square Butts and Cheeseburgers. Crispin Porter does it again.

Burger King's new viral wonder hit video viewers big this week. It comes in at number three on this week's Viral Video Greatest Hits (seriously, there's a top chart for it. Check it out HERE.)

It's another video that has nothing to do (really) with selling cheeseburgers. Just like their "Angry Whopper" Facebook App; Just like KFC's Coronel Braveheart video; just like Domino's "Nose Cheese.." oh wait.

Anyway. A lot of marketers make the mistake of viewing social networking as social marketing (I know, even I sometimes use the term...but its a bad term. So is social media.). Social marketing implies you can craft your messages similar to traditional advertising, but you can't. Well, you can, but it wouldn't do you any good. It would be like sending a hard sell television commericial to a group of passionate TiVo users. They'll just IGNORE, SKIP, DELETE.

But, here's the flip side. BK's latest video (the King likes Square Butts...advertising the new line of SpongeBob Squarepants kids meal toys) has already gotten 500,000 views. But how can you measure that exposure against the number of people actually buying cheeseburgers BECAUSE of the video?

I know. Brands need exposure to keep top level awareness alive, which fuels sales, AND if you were to pay for that kind of exposure (in impressions) the traditional way, BK would have shelled out at least a half million dollars - But how do you really know it worked? And the answer is - for now - Who cares.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Terminology: Twitterstorm

It seems the entire marketing world is writing about the same thing. Here is a great AdAge.com article that responds to the PR nightmare caused by Social Media backlash -which is now being dubbed a "Twitterstorm."

"Here are six tips for if -- or when -- [a Twitterstorm] happens to your brand...click HERE to read the whole article from Adage.com, written by Abbey Klaassen.

The World is Watching You - On YouTube

Okay, I suppose this is a great time to talk about the double-edge sword that is social media (a term I'm using to broadly define any kind of interaction between a "community" of web users - whether it is user generated content - like reviews or videos - threads, chat forums, blog response, tweets, Facebook chatter, whatever).

Social media is blowing up, again. Remember a year and half ago it was MySpace (which I believe if you listen closely enough, you can hear the tumbleweeds rolling through its pages), quickly followed by YouTube (which of course is still HUGE - and the moral crux of today's story) - and now its Facebook and Twitter.

And for those readers who are in my native land of Myrtle Beach, SC, TripAdvisor (still the number one Travel website in sheer volume of traffic) is BIG and another perfect example of this double-edge sword effect.

Okay to the point.

These websites, and the dozens of others out there (these are only the tip of the iceberg) are a great way to untraditionally reach your audience - past, present, and future. However, these same web sites are also a great way for your audience to reach you - or more accurately - affect you. Let's look at the latest PR debacle that is being coined in the headlines as "The attack of the nose cheese bandits".

The facts: Two dull-witted employees of an Ann Arbor-based Domino's made homemade videos of themselves "molesting" pizza ingredients, which they then reportedly baked and sent off for some poor family to consume. If you haven't seen the videos (and I won't link out to it because it's unfair to Domino's), you can only image why these two dullards are called the "nose cheese bandits".

This incident isn't really anything new, though it might be an extreme case. Right now, if you have any kind of brand at all in your market, there is a PR and customer relations battle going on right now. Some people are stating the facts of your business, some are stating falsehoods, some are praising you, and others are not. It's important that your organization use social media (even if you don't create an account and talk to the world) to READ what others are saying about you; to SEE where your brand pops up.

Let me go back to TripAdvisor, since I am in Myrtle Beach, SC, and much of the market here is travel and tourist related (HOTELS, MOTELS, HOLIDAY INNS - you get the idea). TripAdvisor's number one consumer draw are its hotel reviews. Travellers love to read reviews about places they are thinking about staying in - and a portion of those same travellers - like the world to know what THEY think about places they've stayed in. And most hotels and resorts have gotten at least a few bad reviews - which of course the managers and owners of said hotels and resorts hate to see.

So what do you do to protect your brand once Pandora has left the box? In the case of the Domino's incident, you keep a vigilant eye out on the socialsphere and SUPPRESS and SUE (defamation case anyone?). After all, Domino's had nothing to do with the actions of those employees (the US educational system did).

In the case of "bad reviews" whether you are a hotel, ebay powerseller, or proveyor of toasters - use your reviews as a Litmus test for how you should run your customer relations department. If you see dozens of bad reviews all saying the same thing (smelly hallways, unclean bathrooms, faculty equipment) you better respond by getting rid of that problem. And, if you see dozens of "good reviews" that all point out the same focus of joy (comfortable beds, excellent service, etc) you can drive those points home in your ad content because obviously those elements are what your customers truly care about.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

COOL website of the DAY

StumbleUpon.com: Poor old eBay has to sell it off, but it doesn't mean it isn't cool. What they say: "Discover the Best of the Web through Personalized Recommendations" Translation: find cool websites based on your interests, as well as self proclaimed "cool" websites. A great tool for webdesigners to use when pitching a client a little unclear on what design qualities they want...but they can point out certain websites that they like. Also, a great tool to research websites in a particular industry. There's also a "social" aspect (That seems to be the theme doesn't it) to this community of StumbleUpon users.

EBay sells off StumbleUpon, plans to sell Skype

Here's some industry news from DirectMarketing.

"Online auction site eBay this week sold recommendation engine StumbleUpon, which it purchased two years ago for $75 million.

EBay sold StumbleUpon back to its founders, Garrett Camp and Geoff Smith, as well as a group of venture capital investors, including Sherpalo Ventures, Accel Partners and August Capita.

In a blog on StumbleUpon's Web site, Camp wrote that the company is “very excited” about the move.

“This change will help StumbleUpon move quickly and stay true to its focus - helping people discover interesting web content,” he wrote. “Our goal is to make StumbleUpon the web's largest recommendation engine and we think this is the best way to get us there.”

EBay did not disclose the amount for which it sold StumbleUpon.

Also on Tuesday, eBay said it is planning an initial public offering for its Skype Internet telephone unit, which it intends to complete in the first half of 2010.

In 2008, Skype generated revenues of $551 million, up 44% from 2007; and segment margins of approximately 2%, the company said."

Read full story at DMNews.com.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

COOL Website of the Day

Okay, more than just publishing my monthly marketing articles, I want to start doing something DAILY. And not necessarily just cool websites, but anything and everything that will help business professional and business owners market their business better. (That's a tall order I know). Anyway (And I'll go ahead and apologize for any duplicate content that may occur due to the synchonization of this blog with DSL Marketings Twitter and Facebook accounts) - the cool website of the day is Merchant Circle (check out DSL Marketings new FREE directory listing HERE).

Merchant Circle is a a LinkedIN for business owners. You can network, you can socialize, you can jump onto forums, blog post, review other businesses, make business connections, send out email newsletters to your customers through a third party service, even advertise on Google and Yahoo. Best of all you get pretty good exposure just from the free listing. (I believe the first level of cost for a better-than-basic listing is $24.95 a month. Yellow Pages.com is in the ballpark of $125 a month).

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The World's all a Twitter:

What's hip, what's hype, and what's happening in the world of social networking.

Several of my past articles have talked about social networking websites and how to integrate them (or not integrate them) into your marketing mix. And with the economy the way it is, businesses and marketing companies are looking for quick, down and dirty ways to get the word out to the right audience – and plugging into social networking websites seems like the way to go. But before you get drug through the mud by following the latest band wagon, put some serious thought into why you're moving into the realm of social networking.

If your answer is that everyone is telling you to, and your competition is already doing it, think again. It's important to look before you leap, so let's go through the ins and outs.

Remember, social networking websites, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the now mostly defunct MySpace are for individuals that do NOT want to be marketed too. Or at least, they do not want to be blatantly marketed to.

The generation(s) of users who populate these websites and others like it, prefer edgy, often times irreverent and comical messaging that generally pushes a brand not a particular marketing message. After all, what does Colonel Sanders dressed as Mel Gibson in Brave Heart have anything to do with selling a bucket of chicken? What does throwing 'friends' off your Facebook page have to do with selling a jalapeƱo-laced cheese burger? Nothing. And that's exactly why these KFC and Burger King (respectively) campaigns seemed to work.

Don't get me wrong. You can work in some straight forward buy one get one free language, but it's got to be a drop not a gallon. And, you can't just create a Facebook page or Twitter account, and visit it whenever you feel like it. It's the same lesson learned from when Blogging hit the scene. You have to engage your audience almost on a daily basis and give them content that is welcome or you will be ignored and forgotten.

As this article's title implies, Twitter is the newest social networking website to explode, growing nearly 1400% every quarter. That's huge. But…so what?

Twitter is a social site just like the rest, but the difference is that it's much more simplistic in functionality, having only a short messaging service (text message) component that drives the networking of its registered followers. It's that offline handheld connection that gives Twitter its apparent edge.

Your messages are instantaneously shot to all your 'followers' and posted on your account page. Much of the chatter going on is nothing more than the minutia of everyone's day to day life. What they're doing, how they are feeling, etc. And when you suddenly cram a marketing message in a cascade of "how I'm feeling" back and forth, you stick out and not in a good way.
So it's important to gather your Twitter followers with a light hand, engaging them and their Tweets with human interaction, not corporate babble. And be upfront about what you're doing because they'll know if you're real or just a business looking for consumers. And, finally, give them what they want. Social networkers want to be unique, they want to be heard, and they want to be discussed and conversed with. It's the golden rule. Show them the same kind of interest that you want them to show you. That's why it's called social networking.

So stop following the band wagon. Drive it. Tune in next month to find out how.