DSL Marketing Myrlte Beach

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Day in the Life of:


We want you to know not only what is happening around the office but who we are and what we're about! Here is just a peek into the world of Sandra Tuttle.

Job Title: Creative Director of the Universe

Where did you go to school: East Carolina University

What was your first job: drafter that drew machine parts

What’s your favorite pantone color: 247

When is the last time you went to Happy Hour: last night

What’s your favorite type style: today it's Rosewood fill

What has been your favorite project at DSL: Litchfield videoshoot

What was your favorite Halloween costume growing up: hippie

Top 3 Songs of all time: "Fingerprint File" by The Rolling Stones, "Moonlight" by Van Morrison, and "I'm So Proud" by Todd Rundgren

One thing a tourist should do in Myrtle Beach: learn how to drive

If you were a pirate, would you rather have a A) Peg Leg B) Eye Patch C) Gold Teeth D)Talking Parrot.... Talking Parrot

If you were picketing, what would your sign say: Get a Life!

What would the name of your ship be: Miss Behavin'

What is the favorite thing in your office: my painting